LJMU launches Business Bundle

The LJMU Centre for Entrepreneurship has launched a new Business Bundle of training courses for small and medium sized companies, as well as for new ventures and freelancers. Delivered by leading business professionals, the training courses cover how to plan, market and operate a new business.

Emma Hunter, LJMU Head of Student Entrepreneurship, said:  

“Our dedicated team helps hundreds of students and graduates start businesses, become self-employed, establish freelance careers and launch a whole variety of products and services. We therefore wanted to offer this service to all new businesses in addition to the students and graduates we support. The new courses will combine practical exercises, group discussion and case studies ranging from understanding business finance to online and social communication, search engine optimisation and PR.”

Ian Webster, an associate tutor of LJMU and Edge Hill University business school, and a Mentor on the government's New Enterprise Allowance Scheme, commented about the importance of this Business Bundle:

 “Liverpool and Merseyside have been blessed with a variety of grants and subsidies for training for several years.  This has provided great benefit to many individuals and organisations helping businesses to start, survive, and indeed thrive.  Of course there is a flip side to the coin.  One issue with any public purse programme is that a substantial audit trail is required.  This requires a large amount of administration both by the training provider and the 'purse holder'.  This admin cost was wrapped-up in the price of the training delivered, necessitating a adjustment in the headline price.  Another, perhaps bigger, issue is that many businesses have come to expect free or subsidised training as the norm and have lost sight of the value of good training.

 “The LJMU Business Bundle offers a well-developed and structured programme of events that are realistically priced to provide a good return on investment.  They are delivered by industry professionals who would not normally be within the budget of SMEs for training one or two members of staff.  Now that the government subsidies and grants are mostly confined to the history books, it is a challenge for organisations to look at quality, value for money training.  As one of my clients asked me 'What if I invest in training a member of my staff, and then they leave?'  My reply was, 'What if you don't invest in them, and then they stay?”

 Katrina Gallagher, Operations Manager for PushON Ltd added:

 “Funding for training SMEs, freelancers and start-up businesses has become much scarcer, so it’s crucial that Educational bodies provide support to enhance key business skills, with a focus on providing a good return on investment and business growth. Taking commercial influence, and enlisting the help of specialists in these areas is also important, to ensure that business owners and freelancers are taught with up-to-date information and real life examples so that they can apply practically to their own businesses.”

 For more information about the courses available visit http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/Startup/119664.htm

Alternatively you can contact Jayne Lancaster - Business Training Manager T: 0151 231 3523  M: 07929 999318 E: j.lancaster@ljmu.ac.uk

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Training Dates are listed at: http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/Startup/122166.htm