Small businesses are risk of falling behind in economic recovery

According to new research small businesses are at risk of falling behind in economic recovery with consumer-facing businesses being most effected by the problem.

Skills Hive exposes gap in new fees legislation which employers can now exploit

With a recently released report announcing that high numbers of students will be repaying their university debt well into their fifties and some never at all due to changes to the university loans and fees system, flexible recruitment experts

Inflation continues to drop and is now down to 1.6%

Breaking news today shows that the headline rate of inflation has continued to fall and is now down to 1.6%.

This is a drop from 1.7% last month. 

Liverpool in London members’ event

It’s Liverpool in London next event in the popular Member to Member series will take place on Thursday 17thApril.

More than 600k jobs to be created by confident businesses

Confidence amongst Britain's small and medium enterprises is high and they are reportedly set to increase job numbers and capital spending drastically over the next twelve months.

Britain is home of the small business

Ex-M&S chief Sir Stuart Rose (pictured) says Britain is the home of the small business, with more startups being launched than ever before.

Speaking at the launch of the "Britain's Top Supplier" competition, Sir Stuart Rose said that "more small British businesses have started up since the economic collapse than at any time in history".

Businesses offered financial incentive to hire young people

The British Chambers of Commerce has sent Chancellor George Osborne a proposal to fund £1,000 grants to incentivise businesses to hire young people.

Small businesses left to drown by insurers after UK floods

The recent UK floods and harsh winter weather have done damage to trade and homeowners alike and the small businesses left to sink by insurance companies are no exception. 

"A nightmare" is how Nicky Goringe Larkin describes the impact flooding has had on her business, Goringe Accoutants whos premises have been severely effected by the flooding of River Kennet.

All roads leading to the businesses base are flooding meaning Nicky has been left with no staff as her 10-strong team has effectively been shut out since last Thursday.

She said:

British manufacturing boosted by higher demand

The manufacturing industry continues to benefit from the recovery, as domestic and international demand for British-made goods picks up.

HMRC and BIS workshops to support high-tech small and micro businesses

High-tech small and micro businesses interested in getting support for business growth and background information will be able to participate in a series of free workshops organised by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in collaboration with the Depart