Business Scene

What is Business Scene?

I am Eric Hearn, regional director of Business Scene in the North West. My philosophy is that “if you are in business then you need to be in Business Scene”.

We now connect with 230,000 individuals across the UK, list 15,000 B2B events per year, run 120 Connections events around the country and help businesses become more visible and more connected.

Business Scene is a business community that gives its members access to knowledge, contacts, opportunities and events on a local, regional and national basis.

It is a free to use platform thanks to sponsorship from Microsoft, Santander, Yorkshire Bank, Regus, O2, Blackberry and others.

 We give members tools to help promote their business which include :

  • The ability to create feature rich online profiles that can be key word laden and tagged to direct search engines to your web site.
  • The facility to publish articles which demonstrate your expertise in your field.
  • The facility to publish press releases that spread the message about changes, projects and developments within your business
  • Local classified adverts
  • Access to event information in the area
  • Introduction to the various networks and business support organisations that can help your business

 Business Scene’s “Connection” events?

  • “Connections” events provide Business Scene members opportunities to meet, discuss and share what they offer with fellow attendees, in a relaxed but professional environment.
  • an opportunity to exhibit their company’s services,
  • gain new knowledge and ideas to help develop their business from speakers with innovative ideas and network with a range of local businesses
  • our recent speakers have included Sharon Wright (Dragons Den), Lara Morgan (Pacific Direct) and Brad Burton (4Networking).

 Business Scene Premium Membership

 We also now have a Premium membership with the following benefits :

  • Bring your pop-up banner and exhibit for free at 6 events a year local to you.
  • Free entry x 2 to all events. If you just attended 6 events this saves you £180.
  • A warm introduction to you and your business, from us, in an email to your region. The average region is well over 10,000 companies. The value of this is at least £2,500.
  • Free Fuel Card with a value to you of about £125 a year.
  • Free prospect data or 5 credit checks with Creditsafe. This has a value of £160.
  • Free Membership of PromptPayer which is normally £100 a year.
  • 6 months Regus BusinessWorld Gold Card and 1 month of free Virtual Office Services. If you use offices or cafes in towns and cities for meetings or to work occasionally this can save you over £300.
  • Improved placement and "stand-out" visibility in our directory
  • Photo and profile link on your regional home page
  • Opportunity to earn from our new Premium Membership affiliate scheme
  • Training and development discounts and free places

 Why should Networks engage with Business Scene?

Business Scene is Network agnostic, it isn’t a network in itself but a large scale business community. We actively promote and encourage attendees at our Connection events to engage with Network partners that have a stand to help grow their membership and gain the benefits unique to their brand

Please explore the site to experience how we can be of benefit to your company and please pass on the web link to any of your colleagues that you think could benefit.

Also, if you have a special or introductory offer that would be of benefit to our members please let me know by email.

Both online and offline, Business Scene gives you opportunities to grow your trusted contacts and become more visible. 

To give you a flavour of what we do, here some links to Business Scene Connections events that we have run around the country in recent months:

Surrey Connections event at Mercedes (video) 

Manchester Connections Video

Manchester Connections

Robert Craven in Preston (video)