Why should you choose IAW?

IAW's Paul Court & Gavin Sherratt

IAW are always hands on with every client and partner making sure every project gets the same IAW experience from the first cup of tea to the continued support and development.

The agency is also activate partners and shareholders in two new online ventures called Auction Hospitality and Your Business eZine which also helps IAW’s customer awareness with in the restaurant & hospitality and local business sectors.

We have created an engaging agency which is now pitching against and winning tenders against some of the regional more establish agencies which has gain us commissions from the likes of Liverpool John Moores University, Everton Football, de Poel Consulting, 4T & 4music Matt & Darren and recently RTE (Ireland).

Based on our past experiences of working within a large agency we bring a more hands on  and open approach from the role of sales to the final development making sure our client receive the right solution with in their budget requirements.

As part of our growth as business we knew that we had to stand out against the hugely competitive market with in the city and region so actively went against the dress code of formal business development and networking by often been seen around events in Liverpool blazoned with our brightly coloured  IAW t-shirts carrying our branding a domain name while the rest of the crowd worn their shirts and suits.

Another innovative awareness tool that we engaged with was monkeys, yes monkeys!

A 101 monkeys, as we became a key partner in the Liverpool based Mankey Monkey project which work both on and online and raised £10,000 for the Alder Hey Imagine Appeal. This project was shortlisted in the 2010 Liverpool Business Awards for best marketing campaign. It gained IAW it’s introduced in to the world of TV and our now clients Matt & Darren and RTE’s Hardy Bucks.

Our approach has also seen us win the Liverpool John Moores University Entrepreneurial Alumnus of the Year Award 2010 and seen IAW’s Gavin Sherratt and Paul Court being named in the Future 100 Social Entrepreneur list for 2010.

IAW is also an integral part of the recently formed Auction Hospitality and we have developed the the new AuctionTables.com platform which has been labeled eBay for restaurant tables.

The website allows users to bid on meals in some of the regions leading restaurants with a discount of up to 70% below the menu prices.

Our involvement with Auction Hospitality is a part of our long term investment goals which will allow the agency to grow in direction of more long term web based partnerships which will generate constant revenue streams and marketing awareness to our skills and services.