Another record refund for Total Reclaim! £15,200!!

What a way to end the week. A new record for a single ppi refund……£15,200 from Barclaycard.

When I spoke to our customer they were stunned into silence. People never expect to receive any money back from their lender, and we never guarantee success, but 90% of the time we succeed in reclaiming our customer’s ppi premiums for them. It is the best feeling in the world calling people to give them the good news. I truly love my job!!

Please don’t believe that your lender will never miss sell a ppi policy to you. They will and the levels of success we achieve proves that they do!!!

You may not receive £15,000 but you could be entitled to a refund of hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds, just like the customer mentioned above.

All you have to do is sign a form allowing us to speak to your lender on your behalf and we will do the rest. If we are not successful, you have lost nothing. If we are you could be the next person I mention in one of my blogs.

Call 0800 915 2998 today to request an information pack.

Daryl Vickers, Commercial Director