Have your say on the Mayor for Liverpool

Local business network, Downtown Liverpool in Business (DLiB) is hosting an online business poll on its website to ask people’s views on the subject of an elected mayor for Liverpool.

In a move away from holding an anticipated public referendum on the matter, it has been announced this week that city councillors will vote in early February as to whether to adopt the elected mayor model or not.

DLiB chairman Frank McKenna said: “I am in full support of Liverpool having an elected Mayor, as it’s a decision which could bring some £130m of additional funding to the city.

“At last things seem to be going ahead, and at some speed. I think Joe Anderson’s decision to skip the referendum is understandable in this context, although it remains to be seen what the public will make of having the decision taken out of their hands.”

He adds, “It’s clear that there are still some issues to be ironed out and the debate will continue, but DLiB has been arguing for an elected mayor for Liverpool since 2004, so it’s great to see that this might finally happen. This is definitely good news for Liverpool.”

Join the debate on whether an elected mayor will be good for Liverpool businesses now at www.downtownliverpool.com