With gas and electricity prices still on the rise, most of us are looking for ways to save
on the utility bills with some, especially the elderly, resorting to not using
their central heating at all to keep the cost down.

One Liverpool business believes that fuel poverty, as it is becoming known, is avoidable
without having to break the bank.  

Assured Heating Solutions based in North Liverpool and covering the whole of the North West, looks after all domestic
plumbing and hot water systems along with installing, servicing and repairing boilers
and central heating systems.

They also work with housing associations, landlords, letting agents and property management companies to
make sure that the heating systems tenants are using are the most energy and cost efficient.

Director Gary Johnson said:
“The thought that some people still cannot afford to turn their heating on in the middle of winter in this day and
age is just not right. I was shocked to find out in a report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) last year that more people die in fuel
poverty because they are unable to heat their homes than in road traffic accidents.  Inefficient boilers, high fuel
bills and poor insulation are all contributing to this. We work to upgrade and replace heating systems so that they work more efficiently for you and don’t
cost as much to run. We have a finance package in place as well to make it easier for people to afford. Our aim is to provide reliable, high quality
workmanship and give you exactly what you need for your home without wasting money or energy!”

For more information, Assured Heating Solutions can be contacted on 07519 870 791 by email on or go to their website