Romanian Trade Delegation at Liverpool Chamber

On 24th April, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce welcomed a trade delegation from Romania arranged by the National Association of Exporters and Importers Romania (ANEIR) to discuss services provided to importers and exporters, their experiences of international relations and their difficulties in the internal markets, particularly the support provided by banks and other associations.

The 19-strong multi-sector delegation, lead by Dr. Mihai Ionescu, General Secretary of ANEIR, were greeted by representatives from Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, UKTI, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and The Export Network. With representatives in the delegation from sectors ranging from tourism to construction and finance to textiles, they were keen to learn about the processes involved in finance, how local companies are faring the current economic climate and the support offered to exporters from UKTI.

During the short meeting, there were discussions about how companies can avoid exchange rate risks through forward trading and the range of support offered by UKTI, including a number of programmes such as Passport to Export, the services offered through overseas embassies and the free consultations available through their network of International Trade Advisors across the region. They were also eager to learn about how local manufacturers were faring in the face of competition from high growth markets such as China and the increase in the prices of raw materials.

For more information about the opportunities available in Romania or about the members of the delegation, please contact Dr. Mihai Ionescu (