Dynamic Sales & Communications Workshop

Dynamic Sales & Communications Workshop
Thursday 14th June Liverpool

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What makes the best sales people so effective and successful?
The answer is simple: they recognise each of their customers is an individual.

We’ll help you recognise just how diverse your customers are. Learn how to discover their needs, fears, goals and motivations. We’ll show you how to adapt your sales approach accordingly to create natural, influential and long-lasting relationships. The best sales people never use a one size fits all approach – we’ll teach you their secrets.


• Appreciate the diversity of your customers’ needs and motivations
• Understand why and how to adapt your sales strategy to meet their needs
• Understand their different styles and buying needs
• Create natural and influential relationships with your customers

Who should attend?
Those involved in the sales process who want to gain an advantage by establishing positive and effective relationships with their customers.
These workshops will help you recognise the incredible diversity among your customers and adapt your approach to each one. You’ll be able to relate to them better and translate strong relationships into sales.

Contact; Richard Dickinson at Ology Business Coaching
Tel; 07740286077
Email; richarddickinson@ologycoaching.com