Health is Wealth event promotes Workplace Wellbeing Charter

The people behind the Workplace Wellbeing Charter will discuss the impact of their work at a new business event.

Liverpool PCT and Health@Work will be taking part in the Health is Wealth business to business fair and panel event, at the Hope University Capstone and Cornerstone buildings on June 27.

Speakers at the event will include Caroline Salden (Liverpool Women’s Hospital),  and Ken Perry (Plus Dane), with more to be confirmed. They will be discussing how signing up for good health accreditation the Workplace Wellbeing Charter has helped them not only improve the short term profitability and productivity of their organisation, but also how they have begun improving levels of long term sustainability as a result.

Consultants from Health@Work will be on hand to explain more about the Charter and how they work with businesses to improve good health – and the bottom line.

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a voluntary scheme which shows how a few simple steps can have a huge impact on everyone in an organisation. Businesses who have been awarded the accreditation have reported increased levels of employee satisfaction and productivity, which in turn has helped to reduce sickness absence.

The charter provides an easy and clear guide on how to make the workplace a more supportive and productive environment in which employees can flourish. It aims to combat poor physical health and depression by addressing seven areas of employees’ lifestyles– alcohol and substance misuse, leadership, sickness and absence management, smoking, mental health and stress, healthy eating and physical activity.

The scheme is open to all businesses across England, and is free to organisations in Liverpool as an initiative of Liverpool PCT.

It is implemented with the support and advice of workplace health consultancy Health@Work.

Frances Molloy, chief executive of Health@Work, said: “This event is a way for delegates to hear first-hand how businesses have benefitted from taking part in the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. More than 150 organisations of all sizes have worked towards the charter so far and have seen real results. In the current economic climate, a healthy and motivated workforce is not only good for a company but for the city as a whole.”

This event is strictly by invitation only. To confirm your attendance, please email