Little Ego Think Big with 'Tweetshow'

Cutting edge digital design agency Little Ego has launched a ground-breaking new social media product which looks set to revolutionise the use of Twitter.

Tweetshow is a web based app which easily allows event organisers to stream their #hashtags, the defacto standard to identify and group alike Twitter discussions, on a big screen in a dynamic slide-show format.

The innovative free web app can be easily connected to a projector at any event, big or small and allows event organisers to harness tweets which include the #hashtag of their choice. Tweetshow encourages attendees to share their thoughts with the rest of the audience, increasing interactivity and generating debate without the need for a dedicated bespoke technical set-up.

Little Ego’s Creative Director, Matthew Shaw said: “With the explosion of smart phones and social media many people today watch a TV show whilst simultaneously reading the tweets it generates. This adds to the experience and helps the audience feel connected.

“Tweetshow enables this connectivity specifically for event delegates. It lets people become part of an event rather than just be an attendee and it lets event organisers gain real-time insight into the minds of the audience. The look of the product was really important to us and Tweetshow displays tweets in a clear and engaging way.”~

Kevin McManus, Head of ACME, Liverpool Vision’s creative industry support body added: “I can see this really taking off. It’s so useful and it provides you with a fantastic way to liven up your event. I keep telling people about it, urging them to use it. What impresses people the most is how easy it is to use. You simply visit, enter your hashtag and enjoy the show.”

Little Ego is currently looking to develop their product further by introducing additional features such as auto-censorship, preventing profanity if the event organiser wishes and data capture analytics for monitoring and analysis purposes.

The region’s creative technology business support service Open Labs @ Liverpool John Moores University was treated to a preview of Tweetshow and were so impressed they organised a launch of the product at the recent national annual Thinking Digital conference held from 29 – 31 May 2012. Open Labs’ collaborative research manager, Jason Taylor said: “Open Labs helps local creative technology companies think global so we were excited to see this excellent product in action. It understands the need for modern audiences to connect with events. We will certainly be using it again. It has the potential to become a globally recognised and social media add on.”

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Photo from L-R: Little Ego’s creative director Matthew Shaw and technical director Dominic Foulkes