How Democratic is the UK? Studio Mashbo help Democratic Audit launch ‘The 2012 Audit’

Liverpool based website design & development agency Studio Mashbo have helped the independent research organisation Democratic Audit launch their research project 'How Democratic is the UK? The 2012 Audit'.

The audit website was launched via an exclusive article in The Guardian newspaper & website on Saturday 7th July "British democracy in terminal decline, warns report".

The framework of The 2012 Audit is very broad-ranging. Taken as a whole, the Audit provides answers to 74 individual 'search questions’, covering issues as diverse as the fairness of the electoral system, the independence of the media and public accountability of the police and security services.

The Audit is broken down into 4 blocks:

  • Citizenship, law and rights

  • Representative and accountable government

  • Civil society and popular participation

  • Democracy beyond the state

Studio Mashbo's Technical Director Steve Todd commented "It's always good to see our clients hitting the headlines and the work that Stuart (Wilkes-Heeg) and other members of the Democratic Audit team produces is always thought provoking and insightful.

We have been working with Democratic Audit over the last two years delivering them a platform which allows them to document their results and findings."

For more details about The 2012 Audit please visit